Monday, October 31, 2011

Please do not disappoint me

Well another year is about to come to a close and before the arrival of Christmas, I had better write this letter to "Santa", dear Santa, I have been sitting here thinking about the trips you are soon to be taking throughout the world and I know at this time of the year  you must be busier than  the Republican candidates trying to convince the voters to select them for the nominee of the Republican party. Last year I was gainfully employed and I had a place to call home, well actually I am self employed at the present, I mean picking up aluminum cans along the road way is what I do most days and my abode under the bridge of state route 15 gives me a pretty good view of those that pass by looking at me with perplexity. Santa, I am in need of many things this year, in the years past it was more of  "want", please bring me another pair of shoes, for these that I have, the soles are beginning to be thinner than a flap-jack. I need a hood for my head that no longer sport hair but is constantly chilled by the cool temperature, sort of the kind of chill I get when I think of  what this country has become, for the greedy and not the needy. This is Halloween eve, and things are truly looking a little scary all over the land, forget about jack-o-lantern, there's quite a few jacks in the houses of Congress, they have given new meaning to "trick or treat", oh excuse my rattling Santa, I don't mean to sound like some bitter old man; please bring me a heavier coat, one that has a furry collar and please don't forget my medicine that I can no longer afford, for without my medicine, there will not be a need to bring me any of the other things I have put into this letter. As I said, I live under the bridge of SR 15, there's no chimney to repel down since my home was foreclosed on first of the year due to those jackasses at the mortgage company and those selling derivatives. I'll leave you a can of pop on top of the cardboard box, oh, It'll be cold, everything on the outside on Christmas eve is cold.